An open letter to all customers.

We have an important announcement to share, and we hope that you will all take a moment of your time to read the following:

To all of our Customers - We wish to inform everyone that as of 4/1/18 the owners Mark and Sharon will no longer be the owners of Our Feathered Friends. We have decided it’s time to retire. After 40 years of talking to parrots for much of our day, we think we want to go somewhere where it is quiet for a while. We want to take this opportunity to let everyone know how much we have loved spending these past 40 years with all of you. Many of you have been coming into the store for decades. Being a small business is always hard, but having such loyal customers, some for generations, who have supported us- THANK YOU!

As of 4/1/18 the new owners of Our Feathered Friends will be Rafael and Alison, the long-time managers of the store. They have been a great team and have some great ideas to make the store even better. Please come in and say "Hi". This is a new adventure in their lives and I know they would appreciate your support. Being young, they have the passion and energy that will be great to see.

Bird Haven Employees - With the excitement of Rafael and Alison buying Our Feathered Friends, the sad fact is A Bird Haven will be closing. We have to take this time to say a deep thank you to all the employees there. If you have come into the store in the last 20 years the same people would have helped you: Maxine, Patty, Tara, and of course Larry. Their knowledge of birds and their care has helped generations of families take care of their feathered family members. And there are many others- being in business for 40 years we have had the privilege to employ a lot of wonderful people. Some we were lucky enough to still have working for us, and others were simply using us as a job while they went to college. Wherever you are, we hope you have fond memories of the days you used to work in a bird store.

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